Some of our favorite links:
Borzoi Canada
Borzoi Club of Ontario
Borzoi Club of America
International Borzoi Council
Borzoi Central

National Whippet Club of Canada

Canadian Kennel Club
American Kennel Club

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals ( OFA health testing)

Best Dog in Canada
Canada's Guide to Dogs
Cana Dogs
Canuck Dogs

The Entry Line
MJN Show Services
Diane Edwards Show Services
Jim Rau Show Services
Info Dogs Shows

A special thanks to our Vets:

Dundas (Winchester,On, Dr. Sandra Barnett)
Osgoode (Osgoode, On, Dr. Andrew Sparling)
Gillies Grove (Arnprior, On, Dr. Janice Scott)

Other Kennels:

Mayvale (Borzoi, New Zealand)
Allante (Borzoi & Whippets, New York State)
Kalkinny Kennels (Irish Wolfhounds, Ontario)
Chiyoko (Japanese Chins, Ontario)

Other links of Interest:

Puppy Buyers Etiquette
Professor's House - Breeder's Guide - pet information
Borzoi article
So you think you want a show dog
The Borzoi
by Patti Widick Neale
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Breeding Dogs doesn't make you a Puppy Miller
Should Pet Stores Sell Dogs?
Reasons to never adopt litter mates

Dog food Review

Separation Anxiety in dogs
Risk of giving the "lepto" vaccine
Animal First Aid
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Spay Neuter and Joint Disease
Health risk to early Spay Neuter
Risk of neutering dogs before 6 months

Toxic indoor/outdoor plants for pets
Poisonous flowers and plants for pets
Dangerous Plants/Flowers

Cutting your dogs nails

Dog Friendly Parks in Ottawa

Attor Studio (portraits) our borzoi and whippets

Our Pickapaw interview